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Atiyeh Pourzanjani

I’m Atiyeh Pourzanjani

A clay artist

Hey, I’m atiyeh and I am a ceramicist. Welcome to my website . I create contemporary, functional pieces of ceramics for daily use.

A little about how I got here. I worked as a marketer for a couple of years, daily routine job 9to5 as you may know. Then I discovered pottery over the past few years and decided to turn it in to my full time job in 2020.

Pottery has given me the opportunity to portray my outlook on life. Creating what goes on in my mind calms me down.
I trust the flow of life and sometimes that requires us to be more flexible and enduring human beings, and in this endurance we reach deep satisfaction.
In the loss, despite the holes that are created in our hearts and souls, we reach a cognition that brings us closer to ourselves and becomes stronger than before. The forms of inflection and hole have originated from this view.